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Eden Park targets Sunday night events..... 

 •    Eden Park has applied for consent to hold an event on Sunday night

•     A 5 day/night test has been scheduled to include Sunday 25th March

•     Eden Park say they intend to hold more Sunday night events in the future
                   -  so this event is the thin end of the wedge.

•     It will set a precedent for further types and numbers of Sunday night events

•     Which are likely to be processed non-notified
                          -  therefore you will have no future opportunity to object.

 Submissions Close this Thursday 5pm (25 May).

You can view details and make an online submission from this link:

 under 42 Reimers look at documents  -   then click on “make a submission link” - form will limit you to 500 words - but you can upload a word document with further submisison details.

 In submission use the ref:   R/LUC/2017/1136You will receive a reply/copy of your submission. Use this to fwd to the applicants Planner at this email:

  Eden Park’s application ignores the continued protection of our Sunday nights acknowledged in the new Auckland Unitary Plan.  Although the independent Panel granted additional games, removed some existing protections and included a 5 day/night test – it EXCLUDED SUNDAYS.  Eden Park are now trying to push the boundaries even further.

We all know Sunday night is special - allowing people to rest and prepare for the week ahead, and it is especially crucial for the many young children in the area.It becomes an even more important rest night if the previous 3 days have had a cricket test finishing at 10pm, followed by post-event disruptions.


It is important that people get involved in this process by making a submission.

This is the first attempt to weaken the rules in the new Unitary Plan, and it is crucial that these new rules are enforced to protect local residential amenities.

 Submissions tips

 If you and members of your family/household wish to make a submission to oppose this, you can do it on-line (with an email copy to applicant).

 We’d suggest you consider what the likely effects on you will be. These may be things such as lights; crowd impacts; speaker noise/loud music/loud crowd noise.

 Also consider the wider effects in the surrounding area before and after the 10pm finish, such as parking/traffic issues, crowd dispersal, noise, litter etc.

 These need to be specifically related to the effect on a Sunday night 7-10pm playing time, and the subsequent later issues. Showing how these standard event effects have significantly more impact on a Sunday night than other nights of the week.

 You can raise the issues around the cumulative effect of Thursday to Sunday and how they make the  Sunday respite becomes even more important after 3 late and disrupted nights in a row.

 You can emphasise that a Sunday respite is particularly necessary during what is normally a very busy period for night events at Eden Park. February and March will be very busy with NRL 9s, cricket ODI’s, T20’s, the start of Super Rugby.  Sunday Night events should be seen in this context.


It is important to cover all effects, as you cannot add to these at a hearing. You can expand on them during a hearing, and it is always very useful at the hearing itself to present evidence such as photos, videos of these effects and how they relate to Sunday night.

 Also tick the box that indicates that you ‘wish to be heard’. While it can be difficult to attend (you can cancel later), we may find that part of hearing can be held locally. Also it is usually more effective if the Commissioners are getting direct personal feedback and examples rather than just a written submission.



Many residents have seen the changing nature of Eden Park events over many years, and know from experience it pays to get involved in order to protect our residential amenities. Be that having events like Concerts declined, or gaining conditions that protected our local area for other events.It doesn't matter when you moved to the area, you are entitled to those protections.

 Some say moving near Eden Park, means we must just accept whatever new events it wants to do. We obviously don't agree with that position. The RMA and other legal precedents protect our residential amenities. It pays to remember that the area was residential when Eden Park was a swamp. It is the constantly changing nature of Eden Park, that creates these issues e.g. new formats like Twenty20, and now "Pink Ball" tests, on top of new activities which take place in the new and bigger function centre, including school balls etc, that impose new impacts. Everyone has rights under the RMA to a standard level of protection. It's not just an EPNA view, but agreed by multiple independent Judges and Commissioners that have set the current rules and standards.



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 We are also going to need to build up a fund for the Hearing process - so donations will be needed so  that we can engage the expert evidence we’ll need.

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