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Unitary Plan
The new Council's Unitary / District Plan rules which will apply for the next 20+ years.

This is your last and only chance to submit and have any input to the process. You can now only do this with a cross submission in opposition or support of an earlier submission.

Eden Park have submitted for a huge increase in activities, most requiring no further consents or conditions.
Also your own property and street has been a subject of broad submissions wanting higher heights, density, increased site coverage, reduced heritage and character protection.

Go to the Issues page for further details, and links to submissions.
Also you can follow this link to our Newsletter distributed this week.
EPNA Newsletter JULY 2014.pdf

our URGENTLY need to make 2 submissions by email.

You just need to click on the link, and it will open an email for you and populate a sample submission  -- just complete name/address/email details and send  - it's that easy.

Here is an example of what your email will look like, and the details you must enter  - example

Click on:   Create Eden Park opposed submission

Click on:   Create EPNA support submission

If your system doesn't open an email here are links to a document to copy/paste into your email:
    Eden Park text        EPNA text
Also - if you're using a Mac you will need to replace the ";" between email addresses with a coma.

Further Submissions which will help protect and enhance our area:

Auckland2040 have a submission dealing with over intensification and practical issues around heights etc. But also supporting sensible intensification, with proper controls and staging to meet infrastructure constraints - Please support them and Create 2040 support submission    2040 Text

Several submissions propose to alter zoning and business rules, which should also be opposed.
Progressive Enterprises want to expand town centres, and to be able to site supermarkets in residential zones. Oppose Progressives submission   Prog  Text

The GenerationZero lobby group has proposed widespread upzoning of intensification, heights, building coverage etc - including our residential area and town centres. Oppose Generation Zero submission    GenZero Text